Restaurant Interior Design Planning

Restaurant Interior Design Planning

A good restaurant interior design Dubai creates a warm & welcoming ambience for your visitors and creates a pleasant experience for them while eating their food. Studies have revealed that the overall interior layout of a restaurant is among the key factors that influence customer behavior and customer satisfaction. In fact, the interiors of most modern restaurants are quite unique in their own way, which sets them apart from the traditional style restaurants. If you feel that your restaurant’s interiors are not up to the mark, you can always get it retouched. To make things easier for you, here are a few helpful tips that you can follow.


One important aspect of restaurant interior design is lighting; the lighting should be just enough to provide the necessary ambience and mood. This applies not only to the diners but also to the kitchen and the serving areas. The lighting should be bright enough to illuminate the tables and the countertops clearly. It is advisable to use diffused or indirect lighting as this type of light will not make the area look cramped. On the other hand, direct lighting will highlight the dishes being served.

Seating arrangement:

When it comes to restaurant interior design, one thing that needs to be given special attention is the seating arrangement. The diners will have a different experience if they are seated in an unorganized way in comparison to those seated at the tables. Restaurant seating should ideally be arranged in a way that each table is facing a window, so that the entire dining area is brightly lit. You can even add some music players or dim the lights if you wish to create a romantic and intimate atmosphere.

Color scheme:

Another aspect of restaurant interior design is the color scheme. Usually, restaurants prefer to use dark shades of red, blacks and navy blues to give the dining a more formal look. You can also incorporate a few bright colors like yellow or orange in there if you wish. But if you wish to attract customers with a vibrant color scheme, then you can use orange, pink, yellow or red.

Color Palette:

The color palette has to be carefully planned by your fit out contractor Dubai. You need to consider the mood that you wish to set at the restaurant. If you want a lively atmosphere, then go for shades of red and oranges. On the other hand, if you want people to relax, then consider shades of blue and green.