7-Day Keto-Friendly Meal Plan

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7-Day Keto-Friendly Meal Plan

The best way to make this plan work for you is to pre-prepare all of your food for the week ahead. If you are always busy, pre-making your meals will make life easier. Also, try to stay away from sweetened beverages. These are the main culprits of cravings, so make sure you don’t fall into this trap. After reading this article, you will be able to make the best keto meal plan in Dubai.


If you are a vegetarian, you may be wondering how you can stick to a ketogenic diet. There are some important tips to keep in mind when following a vegetarian keto diet, including avoiding carbohydrates and processed fruit juices. You should also avoid grains and fruits that are high in carbohydrates. The below meal plans can help you stay on track for a healthy body. They contain many healthy foods and are also great options for vegetarians who want to eat keto-friendly.

Low-carb vegetables:

If you’re looking for a low-carb diet that can fit into your daily routine, try substituting vegetables with lower-carb varieties. These foods are great sources of nutrients, including fiber and monounsaturated fatty acids, which can improve your body’s ability to absorb essential nutrients. You can also substitute them for meat or fish to create an economical meal plan.


The seven-day keto-friendly meal plan is ideal for beginners to the keto diet. This plan provides three meals per day. The first is breakfast, the second is lunch, and the third is dinner. The keto diet is low in carbohydrates and high in fat, so this plan is a great choice for dieters looking to lose weight fast. The 7-day meal plan can be modified to fit your specific nutritional needs and preferences.

Unsweetened beverages:

While many popular drinks have carbs and sugar, you must avoid them following a ketogenic meal plan. Sugary drinks are associated with many health problems, including increased risks of diabetes and obesity. Instead of drinking sugary drinks, try water. You can also substitute sparkling water or heavy cream in your coffee. Unsweetened green tea is a great alternative to coffee and has many health benefits.

Include eggs in diet:

The 7-Day Keto-Friendly Meals plan does not prohibit eggs. However, if you plan to eat them, you should eat them in moderation. The key to an egg fast is one tablespoon of fat or cheese per egg. Eggs can be eaten as is or fried. Hard-boiled eggs with one tablespoon of oil or bacon grease drizzled over them can be used as a base for a low-carb meal. Alternatively, you can chop them up and make egg salad.