Top Tire Brands – Why Cooper Tires Is The Best?

Cooper Tires is a company based out of Detroit, Michigan that has been around since 1974. Cooper Tire & Rubber Company are an American business that specializes in the manufacture, design, sale and installation of truck and vehicle tires, and also has many subsidiary companies that specialize in high-performance motor sport tires, race bike tires and street tires. The company produces a wide selection of truck and vehicle tires and has continued to gain much popularity. The company manufactures its own technology and designs tires for trucks, but also serves as a distributor of other companies’ tires and products.

Cooper Tire & Rubber Company manufactures a wide selection of truck and vehicle tires and offers a wide variety of replacement and aftermarket products. They are known for making solid, long lasting, all weather tires and they have done so with a unique and proprietary design. The company has four patents pending. These patents include designs for a bumper sticker, solenoid valve, sidewall tube and valve stem cover.

All weather Cooper Tyres are made by the All Season System brand of tire and there are many dealers selling them all across the world these days. The company has a strong tradition of building high quality, dependable all weather tires and continues to develop new designs for tires that are both dependable and stylish. Bridgestone is a division of Cooper Tire and they produce a wide line of truck and car tires. You will see a lot of variations in tires from Bridgestone including performance, luxury and race track tires.

A major part of Cooper’s product line is their traction and suspension line including Cooper Vision and Cooper Street series. This line includes Advan and offsets which are constructed from forged aluminum and include sidewall designs for improved suspension spring system performance. There is a new series called the Cooper SSR, designed for stock suspension. The company also makes use of an aggressive rolling resistance design that is used on many of their models. As you would expect with all tires that are engineered for superior handling, they also have a remarkable amount of tread life. With a lifetime warranty on the rolling resistance section, this gives buyers a peace-of-mind.

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