September 23, 2023

Types of Dental Procedures That Dentists Can Perform

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Types of Dental Procedures That Dentists Can Perform

 Dental procedures are very commonly performed on a daily basis by most dentists in Arabian Ranches Dubai and throughout UAE. Dental surgery is basically any of a large number of dental procedures which involve directly modifying the existing dentition; that is, surgery of both the jaws and teeth. Click site to find out information about latest dental procedures or continue reading.

 Probably the most common dental procedures is braces. Braces primarily consist of either ceramic strapping or wire braces; however, the latter can be an alternative used if wires aren’t a viable option due to aesthetic issues, such as small children’s refusal to wear wires. Wire braces are most commonly attached to the front of your teeth, but can also be placed behind your braces as well. Braces are typically worn for around one year, though many doctors will recommend wearing them for much longer in certain cases, such as in instances where the decay or gum damage necessitates additional stability.

Other dental procedures include dental root canal treatment, dental fillings and crowns. Crowns, as its name suggests, are the temporary tooth-like structures you commonly see in and on the sides of white or colored teeth. Crowns are typically made out of either composite material or metal and are generally adhered to the front surface of the tooth or behind it. Composite materials can range from porcelain, gold, silver, and different kinds of plastics. Dental fillings include gold, amalgam, resin, silver, composite material, etc.

Yet another common dental procedure is sealants and veneers. Sealants are used to repair damaged or discolored teeth so that they appear brighter and healthier. Veneers are very similar to crowns, except they are not permanently attached to the teeth. Both procedures can help improve your oral health and stardust.

Lastly, tooth extraction and root canal therapy are dental procedures which are most often done by orthodontists. Root canal therapy is often used to prevent the need for a root canal in the future. On the other hand, tooth extraction removes infected, decaying, or damaged teeth to ensure that they are properly replaced with healthy, functioning teeth.

Cosmetic dental procedures are among the most popular types of elective procedures performed by general dentists. In some instances, cosmetic dentistry can enhance your smile, which can lead to increased confidence and self-esteem. However, sometimes, cosmetic dentistry requires surgery, which can be very costly. General dentists have a wide range of cosmetic treatments typically performed by them. It is important to choose a professional who is qualified and experienced so that you will get the best results possible.